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Second Edition Erratum

by Charlie Plaine, Acting Second Edition Brand Manager

29th August 2016

As of today, Monday, August 29th, a single erratum has been issued for the mission Historical Research. There is no change to the gameplay of this mission. The only change is to update the mission to the new title/subtitle naming scheme. This erratum takes effect immediately.

Why did we make this change, and why now? It was intended to go into the last batch of errata, but was missed. Rather than let it continue to slide and repeat the confusing issue we had with Alpha 5 Approach, it was decided to put this out immediately. As for why we made the change, perhaps this will shed some light on the matter?


This promo will appear in Series XV tournament kits, which are available now in The Promenade. Once again, this is a cosmetic erratum only; there has been no change to how the card plays or functions. Have a great week!

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