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Future Volume of Cards – a Poll

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

14th September 2016

It is proposed that the Continuing Committee will produce only two full-sized expansions each year along with occasional boutique products for both First Edition and Second Edition. So, what advantages will this change have?

  1. More time for players to play with cards from a set before the next set comes out.
  2. More time for playtesters and the Rules Committee to give a new set a thorough vetting.
  3. Release schedules can be padded to account for Life happening to volunteers.

And what are the disadvantages?

  1. Fewer cards in any given year.
  2. Fewer opportunities for new people to try their hands at Design.
  3. Slower changes to the metagame.

So, now that you’ve read the proposal, please vote on it below! The poll will be available until September 23rd, and I will post poll results on the Forum.

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