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Trek Masters - San Diego

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

18th September 2016

Greetings! Earlier this year, North American Continental Coordinator Michael Van Breemen contacted me and asked if San Diego would be interested in hosting its second Trek Masters. After consulting with our local players and making some plans, we agreed. Today, I'm extremely happy to announce that Trek Masters - San Diego 2016 will be November 11 - 13. In the US, this is Veteran's Day weekend which means that most people will have Friday off!

If you've ever played in any of the previous events in San Diego, this will sound very familiar to you. We will be providing a full hosting experience for attendees and guests, complete with a refrigerator full of beverages, a kitchen full of snacks, and access to deli sandwiches on demand. We'll also be providing dinner on Saturday night as part of admission. All of this will be taking place in the North County suburb of Carlsbad, home to the Continuing Committee Warehouse:

Tiburon HOA Carlsbad Clubhouse
3115 Avenida de Anita
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Risa Shore Leave

The site is spacious and in a residential neighborhood, so it's usually pretty quiet. The only real downside to this location is that it's street parking only, which can occasionally be fairly rough. If possible, please plan on car pooling or using a ride-sharing service. The site has a ton of restaurants within a few miles, and several hotels are available less than 10 minutes away. Plus, San Diego is really nice in November, so use this as an excuse to get away from the early winter cold!

We will be hosting Trek Masters for First Edition, Second Edition and Tribbles across the three-day weekend. Aside from these three events, there will be side events, open gaming, trivia contests, and more to keep everyone entertained! Here is our planned schedule:

Friday, November 11th

12 PM: Doors Open
We'll have board games available, and can host a pop-up side event if there is player demand. But this will also be a great time to chat, mingle, and get to know others from out of town!

3 PM: Second Edition Trek Masters
We have decided to do something new for this event. Since constructed Second Edition isn't terribly popular with our local players, we thought it would be fun to host a Trek Masters draft event! We'll be giving the new Infinite Diversity Remastered a try! Players need only bring cards and backers, all other materials will be provided. Come out and test an entirely different set of skills than constructed play!

Don't worry, if 2E draft isn't your cup of tea, we'll be running a 1E OTSD tournament at the same time. There will be Trek for everyone!

8 PM: Open Gaming
Free to everyone, come out and join us for board games, card games, and miniature games of all sorts. We'll have local favorites (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Legendary, Firefly, etc.) plus feel free to bring anything in your collection that you really enjoy!

Saturday, November 12th

9 AM: First Edition Trek Masters
The main event of the day will be an OTF Complete Constructed tournament. High level play against some of our best San Diego players that rarely travel for events! It's going to be a challenge to play through this field.

10 AM: Second Edition Constructed
If 1E isn't your game, then we'll be running a 2E side event shortly after the start of the 1E event.

~3 PM: Player's Choice
What would you like to see on Saturday afternoon? A block of free time to hit up the beach? More Trek? Once you know you're coming, or as you pre-register for the weekend's event, please let us know what we can offer you on Saturday!

7 PM: Saturday Night Tribbles
It's Tribble time! Test out your decks for the big event on Sunday, or play something weird and quirky. Whatever you do, have fun!

8 PM: Artemis
Artemis is a multi-player starship simulator, where up to six players take command of a ship and operate bridge stations. You can be the pilot, science officer, communications officer, weapons officer or engineer; for the truly brave, you can take command! We'll have computers set up for all of the bridge stations, and we'll be taking turns playing through a variety of missions!

Sunday, November 13th

9 AM: Tribbles Trek Masters
We saved the best for last! Tribbles Masters will be Sunday morning to allow for players that need to fly back east to get home at a reasonable hour. This will most certainly be two rounds with the top table playing in the second round to crown the champion!

11 AM: Open Gaming
If you're local, or you aren't flying out until later Sunday, we'll bring out the board games once again and play whatever people are in the mood for.

3 PM: Clean Up / Doors Close

There will be an entry fee for the weekend's events, with discounts for staying all three days and for pre-registering. We're still working out the price, so please stay tuned and we'll share that information for you as soon as we can.

Also during the weekend will be side games such as trivia, puzzles and activities. We'll be tracking total score during the entire weekend, and there will be a TOP SECRET GRAND PRIZE for the overall weekend champion! So come on out to San Diego, and stay for the weekend! There will be games, prizes, food and great company! We look forward to seeing you!

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