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A Card To Capture Your Attention

by Allen Gould, Staff Writer

22nd September 2016

I've always found Insurrection to be the weird movie out of the NextGen series. Not just because of the "manual steering column" or the radiation of youth. But it turns out that if you put the Insurrection DVD into your CD/DVD player to play in the background and forget that you had "shuffle" turned on, you can get really far into the film before noticing that it doesn't make sense?

True story. (We were actually disappointed when we replaced the DVD player with a model that was smart enough to not do it.)

But enough of story-time. Let's get to today's card.

Back in Motion Pictures, we got this:

Transporter Drones

It does a decent job of capturing one of the better scenes from the film, but as we all know equipment that act like people are always a bit weak on the power curve. After all, for that card play you could play an actual personnel, with hopes and dreams and skill dots.

But what if you could get them in bulk?

Attack of the Drones

Similar to other "download some dudes and pick a fight" dilemmas, this one changes up the formula by targeting CUNNING rather than the usual STRENGTH, plus a point hit to anyone you happen to capture. You do need a ship present (per the Drone's text), but that's easily set up with a Scout Encounter in front. And I'm sure I don't need to tell folks what sort of fun you can have with captives.

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