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We Have Engaged the Borg

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

30th September 2016

Battle of Sector 001 The big opening battle sequence of Star Trek: First Contact is now a mission card. Located near Earth (and therefore in the Sector 001 Region), you can amass your fleet and fight off the invading Borg cube. All you need to solve is a ship with 6 [EE] personnel, like Jean-Luc Picard brought in the film to turn the tide. 

All you need, you say? That's a large investment of [EE] folks, and it's as many as were initially released in the First Contact expansion. (There are only nine now, with one universal.) And for that, I get ... let's see ... only 25 points? 

Well, you need the 6 [EE] to solve (no wonder Admiral Hayes couldn't get through this in the beginning!). But it really helps if you have the fleet at your back as well. If you also have enough ships to total over 24 WEAPONS, the mission increases to a very worthwhile 50 points. 

And that Borg cube I mentioned? Suppose that you do encounter it during the game. The opponent places it on the spaceline, and usually (since its errata) it starts at the far end of the spaceline. But this location is where it actually got found, and consequently, your opponent (if you seeded this mission and encountered the dilemma) has the option to start it here instead. 

Now, note that your opponent can indeed steal the mission. They pay attention to what their side of it says, and their side says it's 40 points. They'll need 6 OFFICER to solve it, which can't be mustered by every deck that isn't expecting mission requirements like these. Probably most of those that can are battle decks, and most of those aren't Federation. Perhaps the main threat will be [Fed] [TE]. But that shouldn't worry you, when you brought a fleet capable of defeating the Borg! 

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
24 V1x Attend Mysterious Rendezvous
9 V1x Battle of Sector 001
7 V1x Clash at Chin'toka
U1x Investigate Coup
P1x Reported Activity
P1x Sensitive Search

Seed Deck (30)
2 V1x Alien Abduction: Test Subjects
U1x Center of Attention
C1x Chula: The Dice
4 U1x Chula: The Game
U1x Dal'Rok
2 V1x Deliberate Tactical Error
5 R1x Denevan Neural Parasites
4 V1x Distracted by Thoughts of Home
R1x Founder Secret
11 R1x Hanonian Land Eel
P1x Hippocratic Oath
U1x Hologram Ruse
C1x Menthar Booby Trap
U1x Null Space
7 C1x Oops!
17 V1x Subspace Shock Wave
7 V1x The Arsenal: Divided
25 R1x The Cloud
U1x The Higher... The Fewer
1 V1x Q's Tent
P1x Space-Time Portal
14 V1x Duck Blind
16 V1x Shades of Gray: Anguish
4 V1x Starbase 247
22 V1x Federation Flagship: Relaunched
14 V1x Intruder Alert!
26 R1x Make It So
C1x Assign Mission Specialists
39 C1x Assign Support Personnel
28 V1x Defend Homeworld

Draw Deck (43)
U3x Ready Room Door
15 V1x Federation Flagship: Renewed
4 U 541x Forever Linked
4 U 611x Mission Accomplished
C1x Spacedock
R4x Wall of Ships
39 U1x I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer
R1x Admiral Hayes
R1x Alyssa Ogawa (First Contact)
R1x Beverly Crusher (First Contact)
R2x Data (First Contact)
R2x Deanna Troi (First Contact)
C1x Dr. Royse
R2x Geordi La Forge (First Contact)
14 V2x Jae
R1x Jean-Luc Picard (First Contact)
9 V1x Kell Perim
U1x Lightner
32 V1x Martinez
C2x Obarakeh
R1x Paul Porter
U1x Thomas McClure
6 V2x William T. Riker (Chain of Command)
38 V2x Worf (Shades of Gray)
71 V1x Altovar (Emissary)
27 V1x Kathleen Tonell
37 V1x Vekor
10 V1x U.S.S. Defiant (Chain of Command)
11 V1x U.S.S. Enterprise (Chain of Command)
17 VP1x U.S.S. Enterprise (Earth's Savior)
12 V1x U.S.S. Enterprise-E (Chain of Command)

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
C1x Medical Kit
C1x Medical Tricorder
5 V1x Mission Briefing PADD
U1x Starfleet Type III Phaser Rifle
U1x Captain's Log
U1x Crew Reassignment
R1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
U1x Intruder Force Field
U1x Lower Decks
R1x Ocular Implants
C1x Yellow Alert
U1x Sense the Borg
110 U1x Divert Power

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