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It's That Time - the Period of Review Begins Now!

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

19th October 2016

This year's Period of Review (PoR) topics will be dictated by the community. We are asking you to suggest topics in the message board thread attached to this article (see link below). The three most popular topics will earn their own Hangout. The 4th and final Hangout will be drawn from an assortment of other questions raised by the community. This session will be a bit of an open mic/call in show format. All Hangouts will be attended by appropriate Continuing Committee staff and moderated by Allen Gould. Please remember that this is the Period of Review, so we are looking at what has happened in the past to help us chart our future direction.

The timeline for the Period of Review is:

Questions solicited from community

October 19th – November 8th

Major question topics posted to a poll  - community votes on top 3 choices

November 10th – 22nd

Period of Review topics and times posted to the community in the PoR board

November 29th

Periods of Review hangouts will take place

Early December

Please suggest topics in this thread on the message board. We hope that you will keep the debate to a minimum in here.  Save your snappy arguments for the official Period of Review threads once they become available.

Discuss this article in this thread.

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