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Favor the Bold Contest #3: Mysterious Threes...

by Chris Lobban, Assistant Designer

28th July 2008

In total, we have encountered two thousand eighty-five conspicuous examples of the number "three."
- Data, Cause and Effect

Okay, so obviously the number three doesn't appear in this set quite that often. But when I went and looked, I was surprised by just how many times it does appear. This contest is simple... guess how many times the number three appears in Favor the Bold. It might be written as the word 'three', or as the digit '3'. It could also appear anywhere on the card (except in images, I won't be that mean). So make your calculations, counts, educated guesses, whatever method you'd like to use to figure out how many times three is likely to appear.

To enter, send in your guess to contests@trekcc.org before Midnight (server time) on Sunday, August 3rd. Please, only one entry per person. Designers, testers, writers, and anyone else with foreknowledge of the contents of Favor the Bold are not eligible. The three closest entries will be awarded with a Charles Tucker III, "Trip" foil (0D17). In the case of a tie, the entry which was submitted first will win. That means if you choose to wait until the last possible minute (to see as many cards from the set as possible) before entering... then you risk somebody else putting in a good guess before you and stealing your prize. Good luck!

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