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UK 1E Nationals - Ending the Year with a Bang!

by Paddy Tye, The Nightmare of Suplex City

19th October 2016

2016 has felt like an awful year in many respects. It started with a plethora of celebrities dying, followed by the political and economic unraveling of the UK following the Brexit decision, and appears to be ending with our friends across the pond trying to elect some sort of misogynistic warthog with the vocabulary of a three-year old to be their president. 

So with the World collapsing around us, let's stay positive and celebrate all that's been great in 2016: the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and a new show coming in 2017, the release of Star Trek Beyond, Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the success of Team GB at the Rio Olympics, the release of Through the Looking Glass and Star Trek 50 for 1E, an amazing Worlds weekend in London, and of course (the reason for this article) the forthcoming UK 1E Nationals!

This year we have split the First Edition (1E) and Second Edition (2E) events (appropriate given the increasingly isolationist political views in 2016) with the 1E Nationals being held in Grimsby on Saturday 3rd December. 

The Grimsby playgroup has been growing in strength in recent years and we look forward to lots of interesting decks! 

Will the Germans invade to steal the UK crown for a third year in a row? Or will the UK retain their prize? Find out on 3rd December!

Get pre-registered here.

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