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Tournament Kits - Series K (1E) and XV (2E)

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

24th October 2016

I'm happy to announce that both First Edition Series K and Second Edition Series XV tournament kits are back and available for requisition on the Promenade. I'm even happier to finally spoil the contents of these kits on the site! If you weren't aware, we tried something different with this series and didn't announce the cards ahead of time. We thought it would be fun for people to have to "chase" down the promos. Now, we're curious what you thought! Let us know in comments! Was it fun to have to try and figure out the promos? Or was it more frustrating?

Theta-Radiation Poisoning

In any case, here are the complete lists of the current run of tournament series promos for both First Edition and Second Edition:

We hope that you'll enjoy seeing these promos at your upcoming tournaments!

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