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Promo Series K Error

by Cristoffer Wiker, First Edition Brand Manager

4th November 2016

Somehow Dr. Gillian Taylor managed to sneak in a promotion to herself and went from CIVILIAN to SCIENCE on the Promo in series K. This is not how it should be done, so we have issued a fix to that. So far we've sold 12 kits with these erroneous cards in them, with another 9 on order. So we are gearing up to fix this now.

Because of this issue, we will temporary put a hold on 1E Kit orders as Dan sets up his promo creation lab and constructs the new promos. After this is done, we will start mailings replacements to the 12 folks who have ordered a kit (or if at all possible, send the replacement with their next order).

We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we'll be vigilant for similar future promotions.

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