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Welcome to the Terran Empire

by Dan Hamman, 1E Design Team

14th November 2016

Imperial Palace

"This isn't like you, Jonathan. You never lusted for power and glory. That's why I trusted you at my side all these years – because you have no ambition!"
- Captain Forrest, to Commander Archer

The Continuing Committee is pleased to announce the long-awaited third expansion in the Mirror Block, The Terran Empire. The teams behind the scenes (Design, Art, Story, and Rules) used the extra time well, and expanded the set by a full extra page of nine cards. We are pleased to announce that 62, all new First Edition cards will be released on November 25th and will then be legal for tournament play on December 2nd, 2016.

The Terran Empire design team is:
Dan Hamman (SirDan, lead)
Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero)
Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich)
Chris Lobban (Maelwys)

The Terran Empire is a deep look at the events that unfolded in the two-part Enterprise episode In a Mirror, Darkly. It's the birth of an Empire - a power that will influence the mirror quadrant for centuries - and seeds of rebellion. How will you recreate these stories in a First Edition game?

I.S.S. Enterprise NX-01

Perhaps you'll take command of the ISS Enterprise NX-01 with whichever commander you choose - and by the end of the game a new contender may have taken over the bridge?

Maybe your strategy will be to choose an ambitious, lowly crew member and see them all the way through to becoming Emperor or Empress?

Or perhaps the dissidents will throw together a conspiracy to stymie a mission attempt?

Or maybe you can rally your troops under the Imperial Banner, capture a futuristic starship with advanced technology, and make it your Flagship?

But keep in mind - things in the Mirror Universe are dangerous. Besides your enemies, time itself is your nemesis. So strike quickly, as your resources may be crumbling around you.

The Terran Empire will be revealed slowly over the next few weeks with articles and spoilers. Also be on the lookout for the Designer Q&A on the 1E forums. And since the lead designer is a Section 31 agent, you can bet there will be a spoiler or two on the podcast.

Comm Officer Sato

One more thing: This set will finally feature the release of the Starfleet preview card that many have seen in white-border form, slipped into First Edition tournament kits. Like many Starfleet Second Edition backwards-compatible cards, she will now be available in that clean First Edition template. Expect to see most of the Second Edition cards sourced from In a Mirror, Darkly converted in The Terran Empire.

For those First Edition Players who aren't Mirror Quadrant or Starfleet fanatics, you'll find some new toys as well. In addition to the dilemmas, which can go right into any deck, there are a handful of new tools (Captain's Orders, Missions, Non-Aligned personnel, etc.) that can support your other favorite affiliations. Images are sourced from across Star Trek's television properties. 

We hope you all are as excited as we are for this set's release! It's been a long road... eh, we'll make that joke again with the release of the next set. In the meantime, get ready for The Terran Empire!

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