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UK 2E Nationals

by Will Hoskin

15th November 2016

Following on from the success of the 2016 World Championships, the London playgroup is excited to announce our next major tournament.

The 2E UK National championships will be held at the world renowned Cambridge University. 

Sunday 4th December 2016
Main Dining Hall
University Centre
Granta Place
Mill Lane

Starting at 11am, and pausing for some lunch, we aim to have 5 rounds, depending on the amount of participants.

For more information on the venue visit : http://www.unicen.cam.ac.uk/food-and-drink/main-dining-hall

Players from all over the UK and abroad are invited to attend and vie for the championship. In the past, we have seen the tournament invaded by top class players from German and high level competition from our Omarian Nebula cousins in Denmark.

Will the Vikings pillage and plunder the crown, will the Germans swoop in for the title, will the London groups very own lead the charge, or can the Brits keep a stiff upper lip and hold the title on home soil?

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