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Russian 2E Nationals

by Oleg Ryzhikov

16th November 2016

This year was rather unusual for the Russian ST:CCG community: for the first time we played two Regionals in one year. So, the 2016 Nationals tournament will be the third major event in one year for us, setting another new record. We decided to move our usual autumn date to early winter: meta has been changed with new sets and erratas, everybody had time to rest and conjure new decks, several newbies (yes, we actually have these!) and returning players had time to learn the game.

Speaking about records: Alexey Korolev (Ashbey) could finish a very successful year with completing his hat trick. He already won both Regionals, had great success in regular tournaments and it is anybody's guess how to stop him from winning again. But our playgroup is very competitive, and everybody will definitely try!

On the 4th of December frosty Moscow welcomes ST CCG 2E players to participate in the 6th Russian National tournament!

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