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The Right of Mankind

by Dr. Zefram Cochrane, Shaper of History

20th November 2016

(Transcript of a speech dated June 16th 2119.)

Dr. Cochrane

April 5th 2063, I became the first human to make contact with an alien species, and I did so with a shout heard around the galaxy that we humans could not be controlled. That we would be doing the controlling. I made that statement with a spread from my shotgun and then we stormed the lander and took the so called 'superior' technology. As we have always done as a species when we have found ourselves overmatched: we adapt and we take rightful control. We show our superiority not by how we develop technologically but how we continuously prevail. This is true strength. Not intelligence, not physical superiority, but a superiority of character, of cunning, and of resilience.

Some have suggested, weaker people among our own population, that I acted rashly in this situation. But we have since seen what they, the Vulcans, are really like. Arriving at worlds and imposing their own invasive control. Coming in the name of 'peace' or 'mutual cooperation' while instituting their own cultural values and a sublime understanding that their intellect as a power unachievable by other species. I do not regret that decision I made fifty odd years ago, nay I might argue that it was ordained long before me and rooted in our very DNA. It allowed us to grab the technology need to show the neighboring systems the true grit of our race.

They made me their enemy even before I knew they were my enemy, just as they have done for eons, on world after world. As I am always an enemy of those would look to suppress the Terran race.The Vulcans have their own agenda, though without merit or true superiority, to put their race first, while claiming a form of racial equality. They pursue to influence cultures toward the Vulcan way of thinking while claiming that it is the natural development of all species. Even in the decades that they have spent in subservience to us, do not doubt, that each Vulcan is looking for the chance to institute their own control and bring back the Vulcan subterfuge of old.

It is our role in the universe not only to show those other alien races the true superiority of the Terran one, but also to ensure that they cannot be put under the false control of inferior species like the Vulcans. In life, one should never passively allow history to make it's own judgments. Demand that history make the right judgment and direct it, forcefully if needed, to those judgments.

As I look out on you all today, I see a powerful race which has declared its rightful place in the universe. A place of power. Never forget where we belong and never allow another to suggest that it isn't the right. Permit no recompense of authority or power. Never lessen, even momentarily, our hold upon this sector. And always look forward.

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