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The Second Edition Rules Manager is Amber Van Breemen

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

29th November 2016

The Continuing Committee is proud to announce that the new Second Edition Rules Manager is Amber Van Breemen. She had excellent responses to her interview questions, explaining them to someone who was unfamiliar with Second Edition as well as her Rules Philosophy and what she would do going forward. An experienced player and member of the Rules Team, she has already started her training under outgoing Rules Manager, Tyler Fultz.

Here are some comments from Amber on her appointment.

I'm very happy to accept the position; thank you for selecting me, and for the committee's faith in my ability to be a good Rules Master (Mistress?). This is a great opportunity to serve the community, and a team I feel strongly about. I look forward to working with Tyler to ensure a smooth transition and keep up the strength of the wonderful 2E Rules Team.

Please join me in congratulating Amber on her new position!

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