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Discover Your Objective

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

16th December 2016

In July, the results of Project Awaken were released, which looked at the state of 2E and sought suggestions for ways to revitalize our game. One of the suggestions was to replace the Academy format, and we’ve been working on a new format that uses a smaller overall card pool to address that. We’ve asked a few groups to playtest this new concept over the past few weeks, but now we’re looking for more feedback from the whole community.


To thank you for your participation, we’re offering a prize to those who complete a brief exit survey. Five random survey entrants will receive a thank-you package including a few goodies, with a VP or two along with some cards to share among your community. We’ll begin gathering the data sometime after the new year, with the drawing scheduled for January 15th, 2017. (Each player may complete the survey, so the more people you get to try out the new format, the more chances your community has!)


So how do you get started? Print out these pre-constructed decks and these double-sided “Objectives”. Objectives are meant to be placed at the beginning of the game with the missions, exclusive to this format. You begin with the front side which helps set the stage for your deck concept and speeds up the early game. Once you complete its gameplay goal, you may flip the card to activate the reverse side, which has gameplay rewards based on how difficult the front side goal was to achieve.


Keep in mind these Objectives are not designed for Standard play; the pre-constructed decks are specifically tuned to accompany them. If you want to tweak the decks to your taste, feel free - just be aware that they were meant to be used with a smaller card pool that excludes many complicated and abusive mechanics. If you do alter the decks, please let us know what you did in the survey or the forum thread at the bottom of this article.


We expect the format will be fun and exciting for experienced players; hoping to breed creativity through restriction, but also to create a format where new players do not feel as overwhelmed by choices in deck building. The pre-constructed decks are the first steps; the survey will help us chart the course for the new format as we move forward. For now, just enjoy a few games with your friends and family and let us know what you think. Happy Holidays!

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