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Organized Play Coordinator Applications: European and Australian

by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play

20th December 2016

Organized Play and the Continuing Committee are now accepting applications for the positions of European and Australian Organized Play Coordinators.

Applications should be made via PM to the Director of Organized Play Ken Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh). Your application should include your name, board handle, your location, and a few paragraphs explaining what organised play means to you and why you think you would be the best candidate for the position, including information that addresses your qualifications for the below points.

Your PM MUST be titled as follows: For the European Position Euro OP Application; For the Australian Position Aussie OP Application.

The ideal candidate for the position of an Organized Play Coordinator meets the following criteria:



An Organized Play Coordinator's primary duty during a normal year is organising the Continental Championships. This is a core event on the global Star Trek CCG calendar and can demand a reasonable amount of effort to execute to a high standard. There is an expectation of continuous improvement from year to year to ensure the event continues as a trend-setting global success in Star Trek CCG organised play.

Outside of this, an Organized Play Coordinator is expected to handle management of Nationals and Regionals on their continent as a first contact point. Assistance may also be sought in the allocation/nomination of Worlds and Trek Masters locations, and any other related organisation required for those events.

General participation in online team discussions throughout the year is expected, with participation rates varying, largely dependent on discussions or projects that the Organized Play team may be engaged in at any given time. It is expected that an OP coordinator check internal discussion forums on a regular basis.

Organized Play Coordinators report to the Director of Organized Play.

Candidates should submit their applications no later than Monday the 26th of December 2016 to be considered for this position. Depending on the volume of applications, interviews and/or other follow-up will follow as soon as possible with a hope to have the positions filled by early to mid January.

Organized Play would also like to have input from players on the respective continents of coverage and is soliciting volunteers to help pick the new OP coordinators. If you are interested in assisting with this, please PM me Ken Tufts (Worf Son of Mogh) with subject lines HELP Euro or HELP Aussie. Please note if you are a regular TD or player, as I hope to have feedback from both sides of the tournament scene on the teams. I will select at random 3-6 people for each position to assist and give feedback on the applicants.

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