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Late Changes to The Terran Empire

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

29th December 2016

We've issued updated versions of the most recent First Edition virtual expansion, The Terran Empire and it's Imperial Starfleet starter deck. Three cards have been changed to address mistakes detected late in the release process. All of the files on this website have been updated to include the new versions of Chief Engineer Tucker, Crewman Biggs and Ensign Kelby. Here's a list of exactly what we've changed:

Chief Engineer Tucker

1. Chief Engineer Tucker is now a Terran.
His released version described him as an "Human engineer;" his updated version now correctly refers to himself as a "Terran engineer."

2. Crewman Biggs has a definitive gender.
There were several concerns about the gender of this universal personnel. The addition of the male pronoun "He" should resolve all questions.

3. Ensign Kelby is no longer universal.
This character never should have been universal and was meant to be unique. He was chief engineer of NX-01 for at least an episode, more than deserving of unique status.

On behalf of the entire Department of First Edition, the Continuing Committee wishes to apologize to the 1E community for how this situation was handled. We are very proud of The Terran Empire and the hard work of everyone involved in making it. However, we very clearly failed to manage these changes in an efficient and timely manner. We know many of you have printed the expansion already, and apologize for issuing changes for three (3) of the cards so long after release.

Please note these changes are not errata, in spite of being marked that way on the card list. They do not appear in the errata files. Consider these three personnel as if they were released the way they are. If you have any questions or concerns about this situation, please make your voice heard on our message boards.

Thank you, and may you get lots of free reports and card draws in the New Year!

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