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Let's See What's Out There! Masters Comes to North Carolina

by Scott Baughman, NC Masters Organizer

27th January 2017

This Spring, if you're looking for a thaw, head down to the Southeast with Star Trek Masters in North Carolina! The premiere playgroup in Sector 001 is ready to welcome you to a weekend of blistering action with tournaments for First Edition, Second Edition and Tribbles! This year, we are pleased to welcome a new tournament venue that is one of the best on the east coast, with the gargantuan tournament hall at the equally large game store: The Mighty Meeple, near the merchandise Mecca of Concord Mills mall!

Check them out on Facebook here

The Meeple has been kind enough to agree to let us use their space for no upfront fee, which is even better!

And prizes? You want prizes? Check out the spread so far!

And that doesn't even include the medals for first, second, and third place in the various events.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

Second Edition will be Saturday, March 18 from noon until 5.

Tribbles will be Saturday, March 18 from 6 until...

First Edition will follow on Sunday, March 19 from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Entry fees for 2E and 1E will be $15 and for Tribbles $10! We have it on good authority that the store will also have sealed Decipher product for sale/available as prizes! We hope you can join us in Sector 001 for NC Masters!

Questions - contact Neelix on the boards

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