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South Dakota Masters

by Kevin Jaeger, SD Masters Organizer

16th February 2017

How's it going everyone? Surviving winter? I’m glad to hear it. Well spring is coming, and along with it will be green grass, warmer temperatures, and South Dakota Masters. Clear your calendars for a 3 day weekend of gaming on Saturday May 27th – Monday May 30th. This latest event in the masters series will be taking place Memorial Weekend right here in Sioux Falls. As it is Memorial Day weekend, most of you will have that Monday off from work naturally making it a great time to travel to the northern prairie and let me tell you, there really is nothing more beautiful than the northern plains in spring time.

Those of you who have attended events here in Sioux Falls in the last couple of years will find the schedule of events somewhat familiar. Over the last few years, it has become a bit of a tradition for our group to expand on the typical regional event with some non-trek events to make it a more complete and fun experience. In order to make everything go more smoothly and to better allow everyone to enjoy the typically beautiful spring weather, our events have been taking place at the home of yours truly.

So the base location for South Dakota Masters is: 1209 S. Hillview Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57110
Having the event take place at a residence gives us the freedom to better control the schedule, it gives us more space and most importantly: it gives us the freedom to start and end the day when we want and not be beholden to the store's hours. That said, I do encourage anyone who travels to visit any or all of the three local stores – Dragon's Den, Rainbow Games and Badlands Gaming. None of these three locations were able to accommodate our expanded schedule, but they do have regular hours if you need sleeves, binders, etc.
There are plenty of hotel accommodations in Sioux Falls as well as a nice airport to fly into. If you choose to fly into Sioux Falls please take advantage of our Midwest hospitality and contact me. I will make sure you have a ride from the airport to your hotel. My local players are excited to host this event and are more than happy to provide transportation to/from the airport and to/from the events. Sioux Falls is not a large metropolis and South Dakota is not a highly populated state, but we have a lot to offer! Tourism is the 2nd largest industry in South Dakota for a good reason. Make a week out of it here in the Rushmore state by spending 2-3 days here in Sioux Falls for Trek, then travel across to the opposite side of the state for an adventure. Here’s a short list of things to see and do:
The Sioux Falls - I (and the puppygirl) will personally give you a tour of our central park here in Sioux Falls. A beautiful series of waterfalls for which the town was named.
The Badlands @ Badlands National park: see the natural beauty of the Badlands. Talk to the local rangers about going rogue on twitter.
In terms of food nearby: there's an IHOP right next door to the hotel, the Boulevard Cafe down the road maybe a quarter-mile, Bob's Burgers up the road maybe a quarter-mile, fast food farther away (Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Subway), and the nearest pub/bar is the Bull Pen Pub Bar and Grill, maybe a half-mile away.
The Wind Caves - A great tour of a beautiful series of caves that the Sioux Tribe believes were literally the birthplace of humanity. Caution: Not for the claustrophobic.
Mount Rushmore - See the faces carved into the mountain. I shouldn’t have to say anything else.
The Black Hills - After seeing Mt. Rushmore, explore the rest of the Black Hills, since you will already be there.
Crazy Horse Monument - its not finished (and probably wont be in our lifetime...) but it's BIGGER than Mount Rushmore.
Keystone - Named because it’s the gateway to the Black Hills. You will pass through on your way to Mt. Rushmore. Definitely worth it to stop and walk around on your way back out. I highly recommend stopping at the Taffy Store.
Deadwood - From the Black Hills you can travel north to Deadwood. Gamble, pan for gold, and see the stomping grounds of Annie Oakley, Wild Bill Hickock, etc.
Now that I’ve given you a bunch of extra reasons to make the trip, here's the itinerary for the main event:
Saturday May 27th:
10am: 1e Constructed (1e Masters)
11am: 2e special rules draft (side event for the non 1e-players)
5pm: Backyard BBQ and Bags Tournament (Our local trek event tradition)
8pm: Jackbox Party games (This is a lot of fun, btw. http://jackboxgames.com/project/jbpp3/ )
Sunday May 28th:
10am: 2e Constructed (2e Masters)
11am: Players choice (If needed – Side event for those not playing 2e)
5pm: Tribbles Masters and Pizza party
8pm: Anachronism CCG Draft Format Tournament (How to play, rules, and details to be provided at the time of the gaming)
Monday May 29th:
10am: Disc Golf/Traditional Golf outing (Weather Permitting). Show up at the tournament location where we will coordinate which of the two options you want to do:
-- If you choose Disc Golf, you will travel to Tuthill Park here in Sioux Falls and participate in a friendly round of Disc Golf. No prior experience or equipment needed. We will have discs for you to borrow. All you need is some comfortable athletic clothing and a dependable pair of “outdoor shoes”. The course is situated both on the crest of a heavily wooded hill and sloping down into the valley along the river. A truly fun course to play. 
-- If you choose traditional golf, you will travel to Willow Run Golf Course just outside Eastern Sioux Falls. The “home” course of yours truly. It’s a challenging 18 hole course featuring a lot of sloping hills, blind shots, and water. That said, whether a longtime player or total newbie, you are welcome to participate. Green Fees, club rental, and/or Cart Rental at your own expense.
-- If the weather does not cooperate, there will instead be a day of board gaming.
Thank you for giving this a read and we look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me via PM.


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