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FtB Contest #1: The Next Kira

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

18th July 2008

I doubt that too many people will be surprised to learn that there is a new Kira in the upcoming virtual expansion, Favor the Bold. To date, there has been a Kira in every expansion except To Boldly Go, which is one of the many charming little quirks that makes Second Edition fun.

But, if you can figure out which snapshot of Kira appears in Favor the Bold, then you can win yourself a shiny new Chula: The Dice foil! So get our your Sherlock Holmes hats and pipes, channel London's favorite detective, and see if you can't figure out which of the following versions of Kira appears in Favor the Bold:

1) •Kira Nerys, Defiant Trill Politician
2) •Kira Nerys, Defiant Colonel
3) •Kira Nerys, Defiant Comfort Woman
4) •Kira Nerys, Defiant Leader
5) •Kira Nerys, Defiant First Officer

To enter, send in your guess about the correct subtitle for the new Kira to contests@trekcc.org before MIDNIGHT GMT-5 on WEDNESDAY, JULY 23RD. Do not include anything but your real name, your email address, and your guess.

Two people that correctly guess the subtitle for the new Kira Nerys will be randomly selected to win a Chula: The Dice foil. Designers, developers, testers, and anyone else with foreknowledge of the contents of Favor the Bold are not eligible.

Good luck, and look for more contests like this in the near future!

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