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Announcing Broken Bow

by Dan Hamman, 1ELead Designer

20th March 2017

The First Edition team is proud to announce Broken Bow, the next virtual expansion for the Star Trek CCG. This has been in the works for quite a while - primary work for this set goes back to last April. But even before that, preliminary groundwork work was laid back in September of 2015 with the MACOs in The Terran Empire.

The design team for Broken Bow is:
Dan Hamman (SirDan, Project Lead)
Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Niall Matthew (sexecutioner)

What can you expect from Broken Bow, a set that is ostensibly re-treading ground that two sets (The Enterprise Collection and Straight and Steady) have explored before? The design team searched high and low to find some new territory, and dug up several threads to play around with.

Jeremiah Hayes KlaangExplore New World Search and Seize

Military Assault Command Operations

As mentioned, plans for what MACOs would be were originally conceived during development of The Terran Empire. As always, plans change, and more information will be revealed in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy a preview of the MACO leader: Jermiah Hayes. Hayes boasts the traditional off-loading of 1EC (First Edition compatible) gametext just like Mirror MACO Major Reed, and you can bet that Reed's broken link will be mended in Broken Bow.

A Klingot

The tall fellow here kicked off the action in the premiere of Enterprise, and he makes a grand entrance in Broken Bow. He'll be joined by many of his compatriots, and this week ("Klingon Week") will show off some of the Justice League. Together with a handful of call-backs from previous sets, the 22 Klingons will be great on their own or mixed in across eras.

Tools of the Trade

The design team worked hard to capture the "feel" for the two main factions. The first theme is "the early days of exploration." Enter the objecitves Explore New World and Search and Seize. Both provide non-standard rewards for plowing through missions.

One More

One last tease before moving on, and that is for the shiny new icon. What is it for? Why does it appear here? Those questions will be answered soon!

Faux Pas

See you in the Q&A thread!

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