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Reminder Regional Applications

by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play

10th March 2017

Hello everyone. Just wanted to put out a quick reminder that Regional Applications are due in by Monday night.

As of March 1st, OP had applications for the following areas only. So if you don’t see your area/game of choice on this list, please let your local TD know you would like an event or consider applying to run one yourself:


ONLINE: 1e, 2e, Tribbles.

Germany, Koblenz: 2e, Tribbles.

Germany, Dessau: 2e.

Russia, Moscow: 2e.

Russia, Kazan: 2e.

UK, Grimsby: 1e.

UK, Suffolk: 1e.

USA, NC, Concord: 1e, 2e.

USA, WA, Kent: 1e, 2e, Tribbles.

USA, VA, Vienna: 2e.

Canada, BC, Vancouver: 1e, 2e, Tribbles.


Full information on applying for regionals can be found in the article here, and the application details are in the forums here.

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