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Broken Bow Has an Errata Supplement

by Matthew Zinno, 1E Errata Team Leader

3rd April 2017

With the Broken Bow release, I can also present to you a full page of errata cards to accompany it.  Some of these were crafted by the Design Team and tested as part of the release, and some others were small tweaks which affected the testing of Broken Bow.  All of these errata become legal immediately.  


Jonathan Archer and his ship, both released in The Enterprise Collection, were each given a cool ability by the Decipher designers.  However, both have caused some rules and power headaches in the intervening years.  In Archer's case, his "Adds 1 to all X" ability had strange and unthematic interactions with such diverse cards as Patrol Neutral Zone, Parallax Arguers, and Edo Vessel.  It limited Design, who sometimes chose to avoid confusing interactions by changing the letter being used as a variable.  That special skill is being removed now, and replaced by a thematic special download which he possibly would have had, if the card had existed at the time.

The ability of [SF] Enterprise to get boosted by all of the [Cmd] aboard was perhaps somewhat reasonable when there were only a handful of [SF] personnel.  But the boost being boundless encourages players to send the stats soaring well beyond anything else in the game, either with the large number of [SF] personnel now available, or just with the backwards-compatible Condition Red.  It is now getting a limit on its boost, like other ships of that era.

Seat of Starfleet was originally the only [SF] facility, and so was essentially the only way to have a Starfleet deck.  Then, it was reasonable for that card to own the text allowing the affiliation to attempt [Fed] missions.  With [MQ] Starfleet came decks that certainly wouldn't use that facility, and so a new card was created for that text: UFP: One Small Step.  The intent was that all [SF] decks would use this card for that ability, rather than continue to replicate the text onto each new facility or engine for any [SF] decktype.  Three such cards in the Terran Empire set download this; now Seat of Starfleet does as well.

Wormhole is getting no gameplay change, just a specification on the card that you can use it to travel between the spaceline and a time location.  This has already been the case, but now there won't be a need to reserve a special place in the Glossary for the ability.  

Temporal Vortex no longer needs its [Ref] icon, which has largely been used to get easy access to time travel.  That ability should now be granted by Temporal Conduit and/or Protect the Timeline.  The [Ref] icon was originally put on by Decipher, in order to prevent the abusive DSTC (currently banned) and the automatic kills of Borg Ship (now errated) and Sheliak (when partnered with Q, now errated).  

Three "peeking" cards -- Scan, Full Planet Scan, and Zefram Cochrane's Telescope -- are coming off the ban list.  Their ability to see all of the seeded cards under a mission has been limited to just looking at one, similar to Ocular Implants, which was never judged quite powerful enough to be banned.  The interrupts have also gotten a skill requirement in the same vein (but not as severe) as the one which can be imposed by Scanner Interference.  With these limitations -- and augmented by the new danger of the "Botany Bay" mechanic -- we hope that these cards are now at a good power level for the game.

When A Change of Plans was first released, the only Objectives that a [Bor] player could fetch with it were [BO] objectives.  There were only three Objectives in the initial First Contact set that weren't [BO], and only one of them could in any way benefit the Borg.  Over time, the array of Objective cards grew, and the power of this card grew.  At the same time, its flavor diminished.  The Borg "changing their plans" to Reflection Therapy or Construct Starship, though helpful for the Borg Player, went against the theme of the Borg, and were described with a term borrowed from 2E discussions, "cultural bleed".  Some targets, such as Establish Tractor Lock and Post Garrison, were highly disruptive to opponents to the point of being NPEs (beyond the lesser NPE of facing Borg at all).  Additionally, this principle limited Design space, as any new Objective would need to be considered through the Borg lens via this card.  With this errata, ACOP can only fetch [BO] objectives.  A Borg player can still use the off-theme cards -- and in fact some new drones in Broken Bow can download certain ones -- but they are less easily accessed.  


Thanks go to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers who helped with this release!

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