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Broken Bow's Block Rotation

by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand Manager

22nd March 2017

The Block card pool was designed to be a smaller, and more frequently changing, pool of cards for First Edition. One of the tools to allow this to happen is rotation. A rotation of cards, triggered with the release of the first expansion in each block, removes some older cards from the legal card pool. As Broken Bow is releasing on Friday, March 31st, it will be triggering a new rotation for the Block card pool format.

Broken Bow is the start of the fourth (4th) block, based on the 22nd-century. With it's debut in the card pool, the entirety of the second (2nd) block will be rotating out of the Block card pool. The 2nd block was the Deep Space Nine block. Please note that this rotation does not affect other card pools, such as Complete, or Limited; only Block is affected.

What does this mean, exactly, for the Block card pool? As of the release of Broken Bow, the following expansions will no longer be legal in Block card pool tournaments:

On the expansions page, the above expansions ("Deep Space Nine" block) are shaded in blue. They will no longer be Block card pool legal. Only the Mirror block (shaded purple) and the 22nd-Century block (shaded pastel brown) will be active, legal blocks.

Please note that, with the release of Broken Bow, we will also be moving from a "Core Block" set of expansions (currently shaded red) to a "Core List." Details on this transition will be outlined in a future article.

If you have any questions about the rotation, what it means, and how it affects the card pool, please don't hesitate to ask on our Gameplay (1E) forum.

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