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A Second Edition Gift

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

24th March 2017

Ross "Faithful Reader", the Second Edition Brand Manager, and I, wanted to do something nice for all of you Second Edition fans out there in the world. It's been quite awhile since there's been a 2E expansion to discuss, and it's going to be a little while longer until we have a new one to spoil.


But there has been a lot of things in motion for Second Edition. Expansions are in all the various stages of development, research is being conducted on new formats, card pools, and mechanics, and there's going to be a lot of new and cool stuff coming down the pipe. But we wanted to sate your appetite now and not only show you something cool, but give you a new card as well.

Miramanee (Loyal Priestess) is a new virtual promo available for download immediately. She'll be legal in all formats one week from today, Friday, March 31st. Miramanee, Kirk's love interest from the third season Original Series episode "The Paradise Syndrome," enters Second Edition as a Non-Aligned personnel that costs 2. She brings three useful skills and an INTEGRITY 7 to the table, but also comes with a nicely powerful ability. She can sacrifice herself to protect your mission, destroying any event played there.

We hope that you'll enjoy this normal version of Miramanee (Loyal Priestess) and find room for her in all of your decks. Remember, she's available for immediate download and becomes legal in one week, just as with any release. We hope she'll help tide you over ahead of the release of Project D'Argo, coming soon.

What's that? Oh, why did I say "normal version"? Oh, no reason... no reason at all...

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