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Greetings from the New European OP Coordinator

by Julius Melhardt, European OP Coordinator

27th March 2017

Dear ladies, gentlemen, and invited transgendered species!

My name is Julius Melhardt, aka Clerasil ToB on the board, and I’m here to present myself as the new European Coordinator for OP.

Some of you might know me, some of you might not (something that has to be changed ;-) ), but here some facts about myself:I’ve played ST:CCG in tournaments since before First Edition (1E) Blaze of Glory was released. After Decipher’s “death” of First Edition our local Ambassador, Thomas A. Olah – which I hereby thank for dozens of things – retired and I took his place to prevent the Austrian community from extinction.

After organizing three “blasting” European Continentals in Vienna, I got the opportunity to do something for OP in Europe. First of all, I want to thank Thomas Schneider for his great work during recent years. Without him, Austria would still be a blank in the worldmaps of ST:CCG. Giving us our first Continentals in 2011, the whole world learned about our hospitality and especially about our favorite, beloved location: the JAZZLAND.

Enough about me – let’s talk about the game.

Ken wrote a quote of me - “make Europe great again”. After some interesting quotes of interesting politicians around the globe, this is my obligation to repeat: 'For me, my players are always first! I’ve said that in Vienna, I’ve said that in Vienna during Continentals. I’m saying it now regarding Europe in OP. Vienna has been first, after a while Austria, and now Europe.' (Please don’t mix me up with some other long dead “guy”.) If one of my players wants something, it is my obligation to make it work, even if it is against the rest of the CC.

In fact, I’m a member of the inner circle from now on BUT I’m still one of you Europeans. I can’t and will not try to change rules like “in Europe we want to have 10 counters”. What I offer everyone is an open ear – if you have any questions about OP, just ask me. If you want to try a new format, do it. If you want to make ECs day two some special event, do it. As long as it is announced long enough before the event and as long as it does not violate other rulings. Even if something is against the rules – tell me and I’ll argue for you to make a change, of course in reasonable matters (again f.e., I won’t argue a 10 counter turn in Europe with anyone ;-) ).

What are my goals as European OP coordinator? Certainly, Continentals every year with changing countries. If there is the wish to host a big event, I would like to have Continentals in every country in Europe which hosts tournament. I’ve already done some work regarding EC 2017 with people I know and who had contacted me. But if you want to run EC 2017, feel free to contact me !!!

Second, I want every playing nation to have Nationals, if possible. It is a good way to get some of those rare foils ;-) Who is organizing the event is the business of said countries. I won’t interfere, for example, in Russian affairs. Please arrange it within your community. In fact, I will deal with this matter mainly using a “first come, first serve” principle.

Worlds 2019 will be another theme, so let’s talk about this some other time. This would be all for now.

Please feel free to contact me anytime on the boards or by sending me an E-Mail (juliusDOTmelhardtATgmxDOTat). I’ll answer as soon as possible and help you if I can. ST:CCG is and has always been my friend. Hopefully I can help in preserving it. LLAP !!!

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