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by Niall Matthew, A.K.A. Private Parts

28th March 2017

MACO Training Camp

In the latest expansion for First Edition, we focused on two themes for Starfleet. The first theme is charting the unknown with Explore New World, a card which encapsulates the idea that Archer and co.03 are not quite ready for what's out there, and have to learn from their mistakes (translated to card form via downloading equipment after being stopped). The second theme takes up a lot more card slots in the set.

Now, you get to experience the rapid deployment and reinforcing mechanics of the MACO. So let's get started by looking at today's spoilers.

As promised, there is a second Time Location, not just for this set, but for the Starfleet affiliation. Naturally, all Starfleet cards are native to the timeline. However, we decided that we didn't want you lot staking free reports all over the place, so this Location has a stipulation; you can seed it, but only if you don't have any Earth in play (Did I just say 'any' ?!?!?)

The second funtion works similar to The Warp Five Program. Once each turn, you may relocate a MACO you just reported for free directly to your NX class ship. So, your crew always has backup around the corner. But we'll return to the backup concept in a moment.

The final function allows you to download Military Assault Command Operations in place of a card play. So, let's look at that card.

Military Assault Command Operations

Military Assault Command Operations allows you to look at the top three cards of your draw deck and play any MACO revealed, with all other cards placed beneath your draw deck. Combine this with MACO Training Camp and you can essentially play anything between zero or three personnel, all for a simple card play. While looking at the personnel for this set, I can assure you that the universal MACO in this set have essential skills that you will want in multiple. So, with the right ratio of personnel, combined with a nice tight draw deck of around 35 cards, you can easily report at least one or two MACO per card play.

Now, let's return to the backup concept that I mentioned above. A lot of you will know that a few of the MACO in this expansion are conversions of Second Edition cards. This means that their special skills will be offloaded onto various Events and Interrupts known as Combat Ready. The first Combat Ready card gives you a taste of what to expect from the muscle of Starfleet. Though the majority of Combat Ready cards will have a MACO focus, not all will be exclusive to them. Todays spoiler, Tactical Reserve, works with any command star Personnel. So, you can use it for a cheeky relocation in any type of deck, or you can special download it with Jeremiah Hayes during a mission attempt. Expect a few more of the Combat Ready cards to appear in this set, along with MACO that can special download them.

Broken Bow is released on Friday, so stand at attention and prepare yourselves for some tactical space fun...

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