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Core Block Cardlist

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th April 2017

Beginning with Broken Bow, we have eliminated the Core Block. No longer are the Homefront expansions automatically included in every block. This change was made, in part, because the design team was feeling increased pressure to account for cards (especially from the earliest Homefront expansions) that were never fully intended to be in a block format. There was also frustration that the reprints had to be set with the release of the first expansion in the block (in Supplemental expansions), which often left the later releases needing cards they didn't have.

For these reasons, we have replaced the Core Block with a Core Block Cardlist. This replaces a list of expansions that make up the Core Block with a list of cards that are allowed to be used in every block. This list will always be easy to find (it's currently on the front page of the site) to aid Block deckbuilding. In addition, cards that are in the Core Block Cardlist will have that indicated on their card page.

Moving to the list allows for the First Edition department to finely tune the list of reprints. A card that is causing trouble can be removed. Different themes can be rotated in and out. Expansions later in the block can add cards they need without having to commit to them months ahead of time.

The Core Block Cardlist will be updated the same day as the release of each Block-legal expansion. (We'll be on time from now on. Sorry! -crp) It is the goal to keep the number of cards relatively consistent, so with each addition there will likely be removals. We will make sure to announce these changes as clearly as we can. In this update, only three (3) cards were removed:

These three dilemmas are no longer block legal.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the Core Block Cardlist. We'll do our best to give a timely answer to each and every question.

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