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Favor the Bold Contest #1 Results: She's a Leader!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

25th July 2008

This contest has had a better response than any other contest on this site to date, which is awesome! And even better, the guesses were spread fairly evenly across all five of the Kira options. Maybe someday we'll see Kira Nerys (Defiant Politician) - with the Host keyword, even - or Kira Nerys (Defiant Comfort Woman) - Assassin keyword, maybe - but not today. Today, we get to see Kira Nerys, Defiant Leader.

The most popular guesses were the U.S.S. Defiant trio of Colonel, Leader, and First Officer. But, quite a few participants thought that we might be teasing you with the Defiant reference, and voted for the "off-beat" options.

However, this week's winners - both of whom correctly guessed Kira's subtitle of Defiant Leader - are David Runyon and Ben Rostoker. Both David and Ben will be getting a shiny Chula: The Dice foil in the mail as a prize. Congrats to our winners, and thanks to everyone that participated.

Check out Favor the Bold Contest #2, and see if you can't win another pair of Chula: The Dice foils!

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