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Trek Schedule at GenCon 2017

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

26th May 2017

It's time for GenCon once again! We're proud to return to GenCon once again, in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 17th - August 20th. We have a full schedule of events all four days, encompassing all three games. We've made a handy and Google searchable document to show off our schedule - check it out!

Click here to see TCC's GenCon 2017 Schedule.

We also want to remind everyone that event tickets go on sale this SUNDAY, MAY 29th. Event sales begin at NOON EST and will continue until the convention. You might notice that a lot of our events have a very small number of tickets. If an event sells out, don't worry! GenCon has always been very good to us in terms of getting extra space, and we will always accept generic tickets for extra players.

Finally, we need volunteers! We're looking for volunteers to run events for us this year. If you're willing to run a few of them, we can offer you a free GenCon badge (or a reimbursement for one you've bought.) And best of all, you can play in any tournament that you're running! So send a private message (PM) to MidnightLich on our forums if you'd like to lend a hand. All volunteers will receive a copy of all event exclusive promos for their help.

We're looking forward to seeing you at GenCon this year!

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