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by Kevin Jaeger, Staff Writer

1st August 2008

Tomorrow is my birthday.

I turn the ripe old age of twenty-seven and yes, I will be having a party. Problem though, is I worry Q is going to show up...uninvited. Every year, that pest causes havoc. On my 10th birthday, he threated to keep me from going anywhere fun. On my 12th, Wesley got the point. On my 14th birthday, he flung me 7,000 light years and I ended up with a bloody nose. On my 18th birthday, I landed in Sherwood Forest. On my 21st, I was put on trial. Frankly, it's getting annoying.

I'm really nervous about what's gonna happen this year. I can only imagine the shenanigans I'm going to have to deal with. He could overload a console in my face repeatedly. He could Fesarius Bluff me. He could curse me with persistent Night Terrors...*shiver*. He could make things awkward between me and my wife with an equipment malfunction...

My biggest concern is that just when I think I've got a free pass on a mission because it has enough dilemmas under it, he'll flash in Uninvited and do something that causes me to fail. Excalbian Drama, Racial Tension, and Urgency all come to mind.

I may have to call Benjamin Sisko (Command Staffer). As I recall, he was able to stop an unwanted interrupt-ion through a swift punch to the gut. Hopefully that will solve the problem. If it doesn't, then I may have to get more help from Kira Nerys (Defiant Leader) and maybe even Amanda Rogers. That should do it.

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