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A Gaze Blank and Pitiless As the Sun

by Maggie Geppert, Queen

31st May 2017

The Borg have long been feared throughout the galaxy as a relentless horde willing to assimilate whole civilizations to achieve perfection. In Lower Decks this affiliation theme was brought out in the idea of the Borg megateam, giving your Borg bonuses for attempting missions with nine or more personnel. Hidden among the megateaming theme was an intriguing new Drone that didn’t directly get a bonus with that theme. Instead, the Isotope Drone gets a +2 attribute bonus for each of your missions worth 50 or more points. Even though this isn’t a direct bonus, it does go along with the idea of megateaming. If you’re gonna go big, go big and try for those high risk/high reward missions.

Fast forward to Zero Hour. This new set fleshes out the idea of the Borg attempting and solving missions worth 50 or more points. A new Drone, Nine of Seventeen, allows you to assimilate your opponent’s dilemmas after winning an engagement. He also has skills that match up with big missions that the Borg can solve. What’s the catch? The Borg don’t go in all that much for engagement. They have a number of cards that get bonuses for engagements, but really only have two events that begin them, The Will of the Collective and Borg Cutting Beam. This does limit your ability to put dilemmas under missions, but every little bit helps.

So this does beg the question – which missions worth 50 or more points can the Borg access? In the Alpha Quadrant, they can do Pegasus Search. That’s nice, but it’s hard to envision the Borg quietly searching an asteroid belt for the phased cloaking device. Better to look in the Delta Quadrant, and right away Destroy Transwarp Hub pops into view.  The Borg can only score 35 points from the mission, but its point box says 50, so it is usable with Nine of Seventeen. The Borg’s final 50 point mission is Harness Omega Particle. This mission is crucial to the Borg’s quest for perfection. The Omega Particle was believed to exist in a few instants right after the Big Bang, but it has a crucial drawback; when it is destroyed, it takes subspace with it, rendering warp travel impossible.

Particle 010What happens when the Borg manage to harness the Omega Particle? All that energy gets put into more assimilation and they become more Persistent than ever. Another minor theme design has been toying with is giving the Borg bonuses for using Persistent dilemma piles. This was first seen with the Borg Queen’s Vessel then later on with Strength in Numbers. The ship is a bit of wall-of-text, but the event is a great way to slow down something like a 5 Space Voyager deck. Speaking of which, persistent dilemmas have always been a nice piece of tech against Voyager, since you can bring back space dilemmas for later mission attempts. Particle 010 brings harmony to your Collective by melding the 50 point mission theme with the Persistent dilemma theme. It reduces the cost of your Persistent dilemmas by 1 for each mission you have worth 50 or more points. This means that all of the Persistent dilemmas in this deck will cost 0 or 1.  Those cheap dilemmas make Flare of Rage and Frozen by Fear even easier to get out.

This deck is designed as a solver, so you will need to do three missions. Assimilation happens, but it is not the primary focus of the deck. You can use engagements to trigger Nine of Seventeen and put dilemmas under the mission. The excess mission points you would score can go towards You've Always Been My Favorite to get out any cards you may be missing mid-game.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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3S110•Unicomplex, Root of the Hive Mind
3U93•Harness Omega Particle
21V14•Alpha 5 Approach, Transport Crash Survivor
3U87•Destroy Transwarp Hub
34V23•System J-25, Premature Encounter

Draw Deck (62)
0VP81x Emergency Transport Unit
35V62x Miracle Working
34V102x Overrun
40V162x •Particle 010
6P281x •Quintessence
31V201x •Strength in Numbers
3U643x The Will of the Collective
14R431x •U.S.S. Enterprise-J
2C692x Unexpected Difficulties
13R391x Unimatrix Zero
5P181x Unyielding
4R831x You've Always Been My Favorite
3U692x Adapt
3S701x Analyze
7R361x Ascertain
12U382x Neural Transceiver
3C1181x Acclimation Drone
3R1232x •Borg Queen, Guardian of the Hive
3C1262x Computation Drone
38V201x Connectivity Drone
34V261x •Eleven of Eighteen, Augmentation Drone
3C1281x Evaluation Drone
4U1131x Facilitation Drone
4U1141x •Five of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 942
12R451x •Four of Nine, Heuristics Drone
8U661x •Fourth, Neonatal Drone
3C1311x Invasive Drone
34V272x Isotope Drone
3R1322x •Locutus, Voice of the Borg
30V392x Logistics Drone
40V272x •Nine of Seventeen, Multiplexor Drone
3C1342x Opposition Drone
3C1351x Preservation Drone
34V282x Quantum Drone
6P431x Requisitions Drone
3C1371x Research Drone
3S1391x •Seven of Nine, Representative of the Hive
8R671x •Third, Neonatal Drone
12R471x •Three of Nine, Tactician Drone
15V291x •Three of Twelve, Specialty Drone
12R481x •Two of Nine, Transtator Drone
14R1111x •Borg Queen's Vessel, Borg Flagship
3S1993x Borg Sphere
3R2001x •Locutus' Borg Cube
Dilemma Pile (33)
29V11x Adopted Authority
4C61x Back Room Dealings
14R11x Back to Basics
23V31x Coolant Leak
34V31x Dead Ringer
12C81x Gorgan
4C151x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
26V41x Intimidation
14U61x Juxtaposition
14C72x Moral Choice
22V81x Pitching In
2C201x Racial Tension
3U261x Secret Identity
2C251x Timescape
31V51x Flare of Rage
14U82x Neurogenic Field
21V62x Pillage and Plunder
14R181x The Phage
15V92x We'll Never Know
15V11x Breaking the Ice
31V61x Frozen by Fear
14U92x Night Terrors
24V81x Rude Awakening
29V92x Staffing Shortage
8R161x Tactical Disadvantage
21V92x The First Duty

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