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Texas Chainsaw Masters - Schedule and Prizes

by John Corbett, Host

28th May 2017

Just over 5 months away, it's time to start making your Texas Chainsaw Masters plans. Afraid to be a trailblazer and make the trip? You won't be. Between "known Corbett associates" and child slave labor, the Tribbles and 2E main events will already have double-digit attendance.

But let's not bury the lead... The headline should be:

"$500 Purse for Texas Chainsaw Masters!"

Thanks to some corporate sponsorship by CEO Neil Timmons of Kestrel Properties LLC, the prize pool for the weekend is flush with CASH MAD MONEY!

Let's look at the prizes:

2E: 1st place $125, 2nd place $75, 3rd & 4th place $25

1E: 1st place $50, 2nd place $25

Tribbles: 1st place $25, 2nd through 6th (the entire final table) $20.

$50 for side event prizes

And also, thanks to Josh Sheets, we have a silly amount of Texas Chainsaw Masters logo prizes. Magnets, puzzles, coasters, stickers, etc.

November 9th thru 12th, Veteran's Day weekend, at the Corbett Compound (270 Young Rd, Denison TX). What will the weekend cost you once you get here? Nothing. Remember, food and lodging will be provided. A weekend full of trek, gaming, food (plus adult beverages) and fun. And you can even walk out with a couple of envelopes filled with cash. Not a bad deal.

Let's look at the full schedule:


2pm- Opening Ceremonies

We sacrifice a small child to Kahless or just have a late lunch (giant hoagies/subs). One or the other.

3pm- 2E Team Event

3 rounds, 3-player teams. Stipulation: Each player plays each team memeber's deck once. Selection can be made after pairings.

6pm- Dinner

Steak night, with some exotic choices. Bison, etc.

7:30pm OTSD Multiplayer Ironman

The greatest format every created. If you don't like this, then you don't like fun.

10pm- Gentleman's Lounge

Cigars and Scotch on the patio. Ladies always welcome of course.

11pm- Texas Poker Challenge

$10 buy-in. Also boardgames for others.


9am- Continental Breakfast

Cereal, Waffles, fruit

10am- 1E Texas Chainsaw Master

3 rounds (4 if 9+ players)

10am- 2E Lifeboat Event

Women & Children (16&under) only. $25 to the winner!

1pm- Lunch

Pizza Party!

2pm- Texas Cup of Soccer

Fat Dad approved mini-soccer field. Adults and kids will be divided into even groups. two, 15-minute halves.

4pm- Tribbles Texas Chainsaw Masters

2 rounds, 6 players qualify for final table.

6pm- Dinner

Burger & Dog Night.

8pm- Bonfire

Marshmallows and Smores for the kids (and adults).

10pm- Gentleman's Lounge/Boardgames/Poker


9am- Breakfast

Continental + grilled specials

10am- 2E Texas Chainsaw Masters

5 rounds, then a 4-person bracket.

1pm- Lunch Break

Fried Chicken

4pm- Kickball!

Oh, we're getting it on. Old School.

5:30pm Dinner

Super Steak Spectacular!!!

7:30 Bonfire

You want some more smores, you know you do...

9pm Lounge/Boardgames/Poker


9am Continental Breakfast

10am- Team Tribbles Event

Team size will equal the # of tables. Highest combine score wins.

11:30am- 2E Fun Deck Challenge

3 rounds. After each game, You award 1-4 extra VP's based on how "cool, fun, interesting" your opponent's deck is. Don't bring the jank. $25 prize to player with the most VP's!

3pm- Lunch/Closing Ceremony

We will sing the songs of the victorious for Kahless to hear and send the dishonored to Fek'lhr's Murder Pond.

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