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You’ve Just Been Schism’d!

by Michael Moskop, A Bit Embarrassed

5th June 2017

Question: What do a bunch of card game players and a bunch of podcast listeners have in common?
Answer: They are both a bit embarrassed to know way too much about Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Like the Devidians or the Vorgons or Max Headroom or the myriad others with the capability of time travel, let’s turn back the clock a bit. It was about a year and a half ago and I was listening to The Adventure Zone, a D&D podcast created by the McElroy Brothers (and father), when an ad for another new podcast on their network came on. This new podcast sounded like something I had to get on board for: “A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast.” Hmm, don’t mind if I do. Every episode, Ben and Adam watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and discuss it… WAIT WAIT don’t leave! It is not like they are in the pocket of Big Roddenberry like some other podcasts. This is a comedy podcast! They dissect every adventure of the USS Entrepreneur and keep us up to date with the important stuff like what is going on with Kevin Uxbridge, Riker’s many (totally consensual) conquests, the newest repairs on This Old Enterprise, and of course, Wesley THE BOY?! After just a single episode, I was hooked on Ben & Adam’s take on Picard, his crew, and their sometimes ludicrous adventures.

Ok, so that is the explanation for the people who already play Star Trek CCG. Now it’s time to talk to all the people who clicked on the link to this article from the Greatest Gen Facebook page, or Greatest Gen Subreddit, or anywhere else you heard about us from. The Star Trek Customizable Card Game has been around since TNG was still on the air, has gone through several versions, and even survived the bankruptcy of the company that produced it. That is why the Continuing Committee exists. We have kept all three Star Trek CCG games alive and kicking and we are always looking for new players to join us. The best part is that the game is free to play these days. All you need is a printer and some card sleeves. So come check out the site. Look around and come talk to us in the forums. In order to butter you up since you made it this far to our little corner of the internet, I have a present for you. I wanted to make new cards especially to entice Greatest Gen listeners, and with the help of the fellow designers, I think we did it. There is one legendary man who, for some unknown reason, has never made his way into any version of the game and we are going to remedy that TODAY. So it is time to ask, who is your Drunk Shimoda!?

Jim Shimoda Jim Shimoda 1 Tribble - Party

Now to get to work on making a Natural Yeager to go along with these…

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