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The 2017 Australian Continental Championships

by Kieren Otton, Director of Public Relations (Retired)

5th June 2017

Hi Space Goobers!

The Australian Continental Championships for all 3 TREK games will take place at August 18-20. All events will be held at Good Games Burwood, Level 1, 195a Burwood Rd Burwood unless otherwise noted.

Prizes will be the CCs Continentals kit, some promos and gear I have around, and a heap of board games that are cool. Prizes will be given out at the end of each event.

If you are an interstate or international TREK player and would like to have a crack at this event, and you don't mind playing board games, are happy with a mattress on the floor, like beer, pizza and BBQs, and enjoy watching F1 racing, PM me, myself and my family would be happy to try to billet you.

The aim of this weekend is to be fun for all and all inclusive. If you have a friend who'd like to try the game, let me know, I'll mail them a couple of decks in advance, and even tee up a demo time for them beforehand.

Event details below:

Friday 18th August 7pm
Australia Tribbles Continentals
Format: Standard. 2 matches of 5 rounds, then cut to top 4 table
Entry: $5 Prizes:
A board game and the CC Tribbles Continentals Kit up as prizes.

Saturday 19th August 10am
Australia 2E Continental Championships
Format: Standard Constructed. 5 rounds, cut to a top 4 (or, if more than 16 runners, top 8) play off
Entry: $20
Prizes: A bunch of board games, sleeves, and whatever the CC Continentals pack has in it as prizes. The highest placed newbie (3 CC sanctioned events or less) will receive 30 days FREE premium deck builders access!

Post Continentals, I propose we adjourn to the pizza joint 4 doors down for some debriefings over beer and pasta. All welcome, costing is what you'd like to eat and drink.

Sunday 20th August 10am
Australia 1E Continental Championship Format:
Standard Constructed. 3 rounds swiss, winner declared (if numbers are 10+ will run 4 rounds of swiss).
Entry: $20
Prizes: Board games, sleeves, plus whatever is in the CC Continental pack up as prizes The highest placed newbie (3 CC sanctioned events or less) will receive 30 days FREE premium deck builders access!

Sunday 20th August 1pm
Australian National Draft Championship (2E)
Format: Honest Format. Draft followed by 3-4 rounds of swiss
Entry: $10
Prizes: Board Games, sleeves and title.

6pm wrap up. Optional debrief at Burwood RSL.

Pre registering is admired, appreciated and encouraged!

Any questions post below, PM me or email mishmashforever@gmail.com.

Thanks all!

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