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2016 Volunteer Promos

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

8th June 2017

There are so many people that toil, often thanklessly, to keep the CC and the games afloat. We have playtesters, designers, rules experts, creative masterminds, errata czars, event planners, continental coordinators, artists, printers, card crafters, ambassadors, writers, and more. All of these people have a hand in making this community what it is, and last year, we put into place a program to thank them for their work.

Volunteers have often earned promos as thanks for their work, but we wanted to give them something special. We wanted a reward you could only get by volunteering. Thus, the idea of a volunteer exclusive alternate image promo was born! Take a look at last year's entries:

Medical Crisis Pitching In 10,000 Tribbles - Stampede

The 2016 Volunteer Thank You promos will be printable for all on Monday, July 3rd, 2017. In addition, we've got a new set of Volunteer Thank You promos for 2017 that will be going out to all of our volunteers shortly after the midpoint of the year. We'll show them off once they're out in the wild.

If you see one of these foils in a game across from you, please take a moment to thank that player for their help. Without our volunteers, we'd have nothing. They deserve all of our thanks, and more.

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