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Spotlight Contest Results: The Unnamed Klingon Bard

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

31st July 2008

This contest has to be a record - no entries! It was a hard contest, but we didn't think it would be that hard! The clues were all about Shakespeare, and the cards that reference his work:

JC-3-1-273: Julius Caesar "Cry Havoc!" (1S83)
HV-3-1-1 Henry V "Once More Unto The Breach" (15V5) & (1R98)
TMOV-3-1-56: The Merchant Of Venice "Shall We Not Revenge" (15V19)
TT-5-1-183: The Tempest "Brave New World" - Gorkon (14R91)

(1S83) "Cry Havoc!" -> 2 -> R
(14R91) "Gorkon" -> 4 -> K
(1R98) "No Peace In Our Time" -> 7 -> E
(15V5) "Once More Unto The Breach" -> 9 -> U
(15V19) "Shall We Not Revenge" -> 16 -> G


Did you know that Christopher Lloyd, who played Kruge in Star Trek III, has had quite an accomplished theater career?

Since nobody was able to decipher this contest, that means we have two extra Tragic Turn foils to give out. So, if you'd like a chance to claim one of them, all you have to do is email contests@trekcc.org with the title of your favorite Klingon episode, and a brief sentence or paragraph about why. I'll choose two of the entries to win a Tragic Turn foil. Good luck!

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