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The Seven Cards You'll Meet on Vulcan

by Kaufman, Staff Writer

24th July 2017

Apparently, we have Vulcans coming.  The first new affiliation added to the game since the Continuing Committee began making expansions, you've got eighteen cards with the Pre-Warp Pack followed by a regular expansion.  We would be remiss if we didn’t remember those that came before them, though.  No, I don’t mean the other cards in the game that would naturally lend themselves to the affiliation, I mean those cards that have featured the Vulcan icon before.  Let’s look at them and since we are Star Trek fans and this is the internet, let’s rank them!


7) Research Devastating Attack – On the surface, there’s a lot to like here.  Some nice skills and a decent payoff for solving.  Yeah, there’s a decent mix of skills that will hinder overlap, but it looks pretty good and doesn’t stand out from the pack too negatively.

Then, you see that it’s Earth.  And an Earth that will be in pretty high demand considering the popularity of Starfleet, TNG, Federation Free Report Salad and pretty much any deck featuring the main cast of a live action series.  Meaning that you’ll need to venture into enemy territory which will probably have the three dilemmas your opponent seeded in addition to the three that you yourself seeded.

Will this take over from the other version of Earth that we have?  Probably.  For one there’s no built in espionage with the Romulans and it is easier to protect given the lack of espionages with the affiliations in addition to being below the mission stealing threshold.  Make no mistake, this will quickly become the preferred Earth, and that is a huge liability.


6) Investigate Derelict – An odd spread of skills meaning that you’ll probably not have a lot of redundancy while attempting the mission, so you’re looking at probably not getting this done in one go.  That is pretty much the only negative, as the points are great at 35 and you get a range restore upon solving.  Being in a region can be helpful and there’s a lot to like here.


5) Prevent Rebellion – The original card featuring the icon and still a very strong card.  A skill set that easy on the eyes is certainly within the realm of possibilities.  You also have a very nice point total for your trouble and some extra points because this led the pack.


4) Crewman Soval – Well that probably the most random assortment of skills out there.  Meaning that they’ll come in handy for your random dilemmas and probably will save your neck in a mission attempt every now and then.  With a whopping five skills, and none of them junk, you’ll might just end up searching for a reason to not include him.

Yes, he is native to the Mirror Quadrant, but there are ways around it.  They are a bit cumbersome, but the card is well worth it.  In terms of quantity it’s hard to justify, but the quality of the two personnel that you’ll get out of it is very much worth it.


3) Extract Rare Mineral – Now this is what we’re talking about.  Very nice requirements and a bonus for solving.  Yeah there’s no affiliation icon to attempt but that won’t be a problem.  Neither will the span be of much of an issue.  You’ll have very few problems sailing through the requirements and getting your bounty of points.


2) Renovate Starbase – Wow.  Simply amazing.  Very easy requirements and you get a facility for free on top of it.  What’s not to like?  Well, that point total isn’t that amazing, but it’s probably including the download as part of it.  You might need to make up that difference, but looking at the above, it’s probably not going to be that much of an issue.


1) Commander T’Pol – Four classifications?  That’s pretty much Horga’hn bait right there.  Throw in a command star and everything else is just pure gravy.  There are some nice peripheral skills in the mix and of course, mindmeld.  We haven’t seen that impact on that era of Vulcans in game, but given how infrequent it was on the series, you know that it’ll not be common and could pack a bit of a punch.

Yeah, she is native to the Mirror quadrant so everything about Soval can go here, but she is definitely making the case to get her in your deck based entirely on her skill set alone.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your walk down memory lane.  You’ll get more than double the current number of cards available to the Vulcans with the Pre-Warp Pack alone, but never forget those that have come before as they can really help fill out your deck.

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