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All Vulcans All The Time

by James Monsebroten, Freelance Writer

24th June 2017


Throughout Star Trek, the logical Vulcans have always seen themselves as superior to other emotional beings. From the way the Vulcans treat Humans and Starfleet in Enterprise to the crew of the T'Kumbra, the all Vulcan Federation ship from the DS9 episode "Take Me Out to the Holosuite". Those who are seen to let their emotions get the best of them are frowned upon

The ritual of Kolinahr is seen as the ultimate dedication to logic by the Vulcans. Those who have attained Kolinahr have demonstrated that all remaining vestigial emotions have been purged.

One of the things the community made clear was that they wanted a way to play an all Vulcan deck that mixed the various Vulcans that already existed with the new Vulcan affiliation. With Kolinahr, you can now do just that.

Kolinahr lets your Vulcans all mix together, and like the crew of the T'Kumbra, they don't play well with others. All Vulcan cards (personnel of the Vulcan species, [Vul] affiliated cards, and cards that mention they are Vulcan in lore like T'Pau and Stolen Ship) work together and they can use both Federation facilities (Office of the President, Federation Outpost, etc) and use Vulcan ships (meaning you don't need a matching affiliation personnel to make use of the ship).

Kolinahr also gives you a free play of any Vulcan personnel, as long as you don't have Protect The Timeline in play. And when you combine it with Observe Ritual, you get easy access to any Vulcan from any quadrant.

In the example deck below, I have focused on Vulcans with good downloads. The inclusion of Solkar meant I didn't want to include any treacherous Vulcans in the deck. There are a lot of great things that can be done in a Kolinahr deck, and the options will only get better in the near future...

Some details on the deck:

1. Vulcan Database serves dual purpose in the deck. You can play it on your ships for additional skills and you can use it to draw cards. The reason why I used Vulcan Lander + D'Kyr instead of two D'Kyrs is to allow you to get 4 card draws out of the Vulcan Database (cumulative rule prevents you from getting 4 card draws if you have two D'Kyrs as your only ships).

2. There are two T'Pols in the deck. They both have really great downloads. You will need to use Persona Swapping to switch between the two. You will need to make a decision on how you use T'Pol's download of Vulcan Database. You can use it to get the card into play early on your Vulcan Lander to allow you to get two ships with skill in play early OR you can use it during a space mission attempt to get a needed skill mid-attempt.

3. You have three ways of reporting people for free in the deck. Two of them are based on a spaceline location and the last allows a card you are normally reporting to report for free. For best flexibility, if you don't get to seed Vulcan nearby Khitomer or Earth, you could seed your Federation Outpost closer to one of those locations and download your Vulcan Lander there to allow you to be able to report any of your Vulcans close to one of your other free report locations.

4. Vulcan Mindmelds can help you with dilemma busting. There are a lot of Mindmeld personnel in the deck and this will allow you to double up on skills you are short on. There are personnel in the deck with classifications as skills; these personnel make great choices to skill share with; to be able to pass dilemmas requiring multiple of those classifications.

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Print DecklistCopy Deck

Mission (6)
34 V1x Extract Rare Mineral
R1x Khitomer Research
30 C1x Observe Ritual
S1x Reignite Dead Star
36 V1x Research Devastating Attack
22 V1x Study Rare Phenomenon

Seed Deck (12)
20 V1x Alternate Universe Door
1 V1x Q's Tent
90 VP1x Spacedoor
15 V1x Temporal Conduit
34 V1x Federation Outpost
23 V1x Office of the President
77 P1x Kolinahr
61 VP1x Quark's Isolinear Rods
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
26 V1x Assign Support Personnel
28 V1x Defend Homeworld
Time Location
89 VP1x Camp Khitomer

Draw Deck (32)
78 P6x Vulcan Database
U2x Vulcan Mindmeld
39 V1x Ambassador Sarek (Homefront II)
51 R1x Ensign Tuvok
50 VP1x First Officer Spock
45 V1x Haadok
C2x Lojal
122 VP1x Mr. Spock
82 R1x Mr. Tuvok
62 R+1x Saavik
23 V1x Spock
64 U1x T'Lar
C1x Taurik
120 VP1x Tuvok
138 R1x Vorik
R1x Solkar
55 P1x T'Pol
48 V1x Crewman Soval
80 P1x Delvok
81 P1x Sanye
83 P1x Soval
84 P1x Strom
86 P1x T'Pol (Pre-Warp Pack)
87 P1x Valrik
88 P1x D'kyr

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
14 C1x Classic Type II Phaser
71 P1x Vulcan PADD
8 V1x Vulcan Tricorder
15 C1x Fal-tor-pan
19 C1x Temporal Investigations
C1x Treaty: Federation/Klingon
R1x Warp Core Breach
34 C1x Live Long and Prosper
2 C 881x Team of Ambassadors
U1x Vulcan Mindmeld
C1x Vulcan Nerve Pinch
14 V1x Facilitate Peace Talks
U1x Vulcan Lander

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