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The Pre-Warp Pack is Now Available

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

23rd June 2017

Vulcan PADD

The Pre-Warp Pack is now available for free download from The Continuing Committee. Featuring eighteen (18) new First Edition cards, this expansion offers a preview of the Vulcan affiliation. Using these new cards, players can get an early taste of what's coming later this summer. The Pre-Warp Pack is designed to provide at least one (1) playable deck, so the cards can immediately be used. We can't wait to see your Vulcan decks!

The cards in the Pre-Warp Pack will be legal in all formats one week from today, on Friday, June 30th, 2017.

Your phone buzzes on your desk, and you pause your game to look at it; Starfleet is calling you. You unlock the phone and swipe it open to answer the call. "Hello?"

"Hey man," Starfleet says.

"What's up?" you reply. "Did you get Vulcan to the airport okay?"

"Yeah man," he replies. "Thank you for letting us stay with you."

"Oh, it was no problem," you reply. "She's interesting, but I really didn't get to know her."

"Yeah..." Starfleet replies, his voice trailing off. "About that..."


"I didn't know this until just now, but I guess she was out here in First City for a job interview," Starfleet said. He sounds nervous and excited at the same time, somehow. He continues, "I guess she nailed it and she'll be moving out here this summer."

You exhale, taking a moment to process this information. "Well," you finally say, "hopefully she comes out here and finds peace and long life."

"I hope so too," Starfleet replies. "No matter what," he continues, "our lives are going to be a lot more complicated once she gets here."

The Continuing Committee is proud to announce Live Long and Prosper, a sixty-two (62) card virtual expansion. Live Long and Prosper will fully develop the Vulcan affiliation, including their full suite of tricks, later this summer.

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