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Change to Online Tournament Time-Limits

by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP Coordinator

29th June 2017

For sanctioned online tournament games the new time limits for games will be as follows –

First Edition - 105 minutes (reduction of time by 45 minutes)

Second Edition - 75 minutes (reduction of time by 45 minutes)

Tribbles - No Change

The change of time limit was determined based on both formal and informal time measurements from both editions in recent online tournaments.  It was also based on the belief that online tournaments needed to be more closely reflective of in-person play while keeping in perspective some of the potential time drains that online play can have compared to in-person play.  There are no other changes to the Organized Play Guide at this time and none of these changes affect casual games.  As has been previously, each player should keep track of their own time for online games.

This change goes into effect for online tournaments as of July 5th.



'Unofficial' Online Organized Play Coordinator

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