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Excelsior v0.2 Playtest - Starter Decks Now Available

by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior Lead

30th June 2017

As we prepare for North American Continentals in Minnesota, today we're presenting the four pre-constructed decklists that will be featured in the public playtest of Project Excelsior on Sunday, July 16! Players will be encouraged to tweak these decks with additional cards from the limited pool, but we've got to start somewhere! Here are the four basic decks players will have a chance to use:

TNG Basic

Ferengi Basic

Klingon Basic

Romulan Basic

Physical copies of these four decks will be available for players to use in the playtest, along with other cards from the Excelsior v0.2 card pool that players can swap in between playtest games. We'll be gathering all the data we can to make Version 0.3 the best it can be for its public playtest at World Championships in Florida this October! Of course, if you'd like to build your own deck and bring it to the playtest, we'd love to see your own deck designs. There are a couple homegrown Excelsior decks being discussed in the community already; if one seems incomplete, they are both meant to use the same dilemma pile (thanks to Nate Wineinger for preparing them). And if you're so inclined, throw together your own Excelsior deck and help us fine-tune this format for its maiden voyage this Winter!

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