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Affiliation Survey for Excelsior v0.3

by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior Lead

3rd July 2017

As you may know from reading the Excelsior playtest document, the format is meant to change gradually, with updates to the card pool every three months. We are adding a couple more affiliations into the pool for the v0.3 debut at Worlds this October to give you an idea of how much this can change the format. Excelsior works best with community feedback, and we want you to help us choose which two HQs to add in the v0.3 update! Choose up to two of the options (please do not select the same HQ twice), and the top two results will be given support in the next Excelsior update.

For all those Voyager/Relativity/Khan players wondering where their survey option is: We have had internal debates on whether adding support for the no-HQ groups would be healthy for Excelsior. For the time being, we are going to keep the format as simple and equitable as we can until we have developed an understanding of how the community is reacting to the format. If it seems like we can add in no-HQ support without compromising the format for the rest of the affiliations, we are not averse to giving it a try if the community desires it.

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