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Worlds Promos!

by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play

30th June 2017

Worlds in Orlando this year is focusing on the theme of vacation, and when you think of the Star Trek universe what better exemplifies that then the famous vacation Planet, RISA.


So you will see we have the following beautiful Risa cards, once again the art team has outdone them selves, with two stunning missions, and ‘shirtless’ Picard with a furry D… er Tribble in his hand.


Now the most observant of you may have noticed a slight change to the 2e Shore Leave Mission; namely in the name of the card, it has been updated to the new 2e mission naming scheme, as per the 2e departments standard policy that when a mission is reprinted to swap it over, I have been told the official errata to the card will be released before the cards are available for play at worlds.

Risa Risa Risa

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