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The Spotlight Series is Making a Come-back!

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

13th August 2017

One of the very first article series to be produced by the Continuing Committee was the Spotlight Series.  This series focused weekly on an affiliation, but only initially covered Second Edition.  A lot has happened here since that first Spotlight Series came out, and we at the CC thought it was time to revamp the Series to cover both First Edition and Second Edition and bring in factions and affiliations that didn’t exist the first time around.  We want to roll out this series whenever there is a lull in releases for new sets, so the first week is projected after the release of Live Long and Prosper and we will put out articles until the next Second Edition set *NAME REDACTED* starts getting spoiled.  We have big plans for this series, but need the help of the public to make those plans happen.

Do you have a passion for an affiliation or two in either First Edition or Second Edition?  Would you like to write an article or share a deck from your chosen affiliations?  Would you like to take part in our Top 5 Card Series? Are you good at making up contests?  Would one of you First Edition fans like to team up with me on n00b deck series (I’ve got Second Edition covered)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please PM me (jadziadax8).

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