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Excelsior v0.3 Is Live!

by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior Lead

1st September 2017

We've listened to your feedback, looked at poll results, added playtest data, and we've got one more test batch we'd like to present before Excelsior launches this fall. Version 0.3 freshens up the TNG, Klingon, and Romulan card pools, and adds in the Cardassians and Borg! We've also tried to focus on personnel and ships that appeared in The Next Generation (there are some exceptions of course), to help give you the feel of the 2360s before the Dominion threat.

The card pool now comprises 700 cards (almost double that of v0.2), and includes many popular strategies while doing its best to maintain a fun and balanced environment that players of all stripes can enjoy. We will be taking informal surveys during the next couple months to help finalize what the format will look like on release, and you can offer direct feedback if you happen to attend one of our public playtest events (the largest of which is scheduled for Worlds in Orlando). If you'd like to schedule a public playtest event, contact your local Ambassador.

Expect to see pre-constructed decks for version 0.3 in the next week or so, along with the updated Change Log (including all the changes for v0.3 is a bit more involved than it was for v0.2). We're excited to see this format develop with your feedback driving its evolution! Thanks for your patience, and we hope you enjoy Excelsior v0.3!

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