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September Second Edition Errata

by Joshua Sheets, Second Edition Errata Lead

6th September 2017

Just a quick bit about the current Errata:

Two of them (Vandros IV and Risa) are design creating new versions of the missions (or updating them as needed).

Two are receiving errata that affects gametext:

Aldea, Aid Legendary Civilization now requires the personnel placed under the deck by the completing player to come from the mission attempt. You cant hide your 6-cost personnel at your HQ anymore. Those personnel now have to be at risk in the attempt.

Quark, Vastly Outnumbered is dropped from "any" to more DS9-specific downloads, either Assault, Maneuver or DS9-icon. The Assault and Maneuver part keeps with the original Vastly Outnumbered team and lets you get a DS9 personnel or ship if you have the event. The "any" card allowed him to be paired with too many other things that made combinations too reliable. And before anyone complains, there is still Quark, True Ferengi if you want the "any", you just have to pay a little more.

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