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We're the Syrranites. We Don't Lie.

by Matthew Zinno, Logical Designer

15th September 2017

For years, the Vulcans as seen on Enterprise were awful.  Rude.  Arrogant.  Corrupt.  Holding the man down, and thinking they knew everything.  Total jerks.  Complete kneebiters.  

Then something changed.  Something wonderful.  

It began with a sect of maginalized Vulcans called the Syrranites, who espoused the belief that once upon a time, the Vulcans had been shown the right way to be, and that society had strayed from those teachings.  Then a human proved it.  

This (deck) is their story.  

Kir'Shara We begin with the Vulcan time location 22nd-Century ShiKahr, which lets the [22] [Vul] cards report, with one per turn reporting for free.  There is no Vulcan Headquarters; the time location provides the free report itself.  Time travel to the spaceline will need to be provided by another card, in this case Protect the Timeline (which also grants another free report as well).  

The time location requires that we use Vulcan, and this deck uses the Terran Empire version, Deliver Ancient Artifact.  Unlike Observe Ritual, it counts as the Vulcan affiliation homeworld, and so HQ: Secure Homeworld will let us attempt it.  (Espionage can be used as well, benefiting from the Artifact that we'll discuss below.)  Also on the spaceline are two new [Vul] planet missions, and two [Fed] Honor missions -- more on those later.  

IDIC: Wisdom of Surak The time location lets us download one of the three flavors of IDIC, and this deck uses the Syrranite flavor, IDIC: Wisdom of Surak, which confers several benefits.  The first on the card is that [Vul] teams may attempt Honor missions, regardless of affiliation.  This opens up mission selection for Syrranite decks greatly, and a lot of the major Syrranite personnel have this skill.  This deck has two such missions which also require Leadership, which is another skill in good suppy for Syrranites and other dissidents.  

The second benefit is a minor draw engine -- if you use your card play to report a dissident (which includes all of the Syrranites, as well as other individuals in the set like Yuris and Ambassador V'Lar), then you can replace that card from hand via an immediate extra draw.  This can lead to some tough decisions: do you play your dissident for free (e.g. via Protect the Timeline or the time location), and save your card play for an Event or a ship; or do you use your card play for the dissident, and get a draw?  

Seek Hidden Reliquary The third benefit is where the story comes in.  Once per game, you may download Seek Hidden Reliquary.  (It could also be downloaded using Taking Charge, but having the text on Wisdom of Surak allows you to save a seed slot.)  This card represents the quest to find the Kir'Shara.  When you play it on your mission, you get to download and seed the Kir'Shara artifact ... and yes, that's after the opponent has placed dilemmas, perhaps even after you've eliminated some or all of them.  Additionally, when you acquire that Kir'Shara -- which gives you a benefit to [Fed] mission points and interrupts to hand -- Seek Hidden Reliquary gives a further benefit of bonus points and a personnel.  

(An aside: Seek Hidden Reliquary is named and worded to apply helpfully to other stories as well.  In a Mercenary Raiders deck, it can report for free using Tallera, and help you acquire the Vulcan Stone of Gol.  And I'll let you discover what other affiliation can benefit from its download of a certain objective.)

The Katra of Surak Adding further to the Syrranite story is The Katra of Surak.  In the show, this was planted by Syrran into the head of Jonathan Archer (who downloads it here).  It helped him find the Kir'Shara, which is represented here by an Archaeology boost and allowing the Objective to play for free.  Among its other benefits is a way for the Vulcans to move towards the "nice" Vulcan demeanor we see in Spock and Sarek, and away from the obstructionist/isolationist "mean" attitude of V'Las and early-seasons Soval: they get to ignore their Treachery.  In game terms, this means that they can still use it when they need it, such as when facing Q Gets the Point, but can also choose to effectively not have it when that's what's convenient, such as when facing Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.  
Coming back to Wisdom of Surak, there's a fourth benefit that shouldn't be ignored either.  The Vulcan Honor skill becomes quite versatile, substituting for any other skill when needed.  The Honor "becomes" the skill you choose, on demand (much like the timiing involved in The Art of Diplomacy), and stays that way for the remainder of the turn.  But each personnel  (technically, persona) can only do that once per game.  Still, you should have plenty of [Vul] Honor going around, because not only is it printed on several of the Syrranite cards, and downloadable when you acquire the Kir'Shara, but Katra of Surak also gives it to all of your Vulcans present.  

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
37 V1x Avert Solar Implosion
21 V1x Cultural Observation II
22 V1x Deliver Ancient Artifact
79 P1x Excite Dark Matter
28 V1x Prevent Military Escalation
28 V1x Study Xenophobic Tendencies

Seed Deck (29)
45 VP1x A Fast Ship Would Be Nice
11 P 11x Accelerated Aging
2 V1x Damaged Reputation
60 VP1x Denevan Neural Parasites
3 V1x Difference of Opinion
3 V1x Exact Change
12 S1x Hazardous Duty
9 R1x Horta
C1x Interphasic Plasma Creatures
4 V1x Jol Yichu'!
11 V1x Justice or Vengeance
16 U2x Komar Possession
10 V1x Murder Investigation
5 V1x Reflections
2 V1x T'Pol Has Some Issues
2 C 241x Telepathic Deception
11 V1x Undercover Agent
9 V1x Alternate Universe Door
1 V1x Q's Tent
9 V1x Finally Ready to Swim
76 P1x Vulcan Outpost
23 V1x Call for Reinforcements
20 V1x Protect the Timeline
61 VP1x Quark's Isolinear Rods
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
28 V1x Defend Homeworld
39 VP1x HQ: Secure Homeworld
Time Location
61 V1x 22nd-Century ShiKahr

Draw Deck (34)
74 P1x Espionage: Vulcan on Starfleet
15 C1x Fal-tor-pan
12 V1x IDIC: Wisdom of Surak
R1x Going to the Top
39 U1x I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer
34 C3x Live Long and Prosper
40 U1x Vulcan "Death Grip"
C1x Wormhole
68 C1x Angelo Tassoni
114 C1x Ayala
80 P2x Delvok
34 V1x Koss
36 V1x Minister T'Pau
38 V1x Sedis
82 P1x Sopek
42 V1x Soval (Live Long and Prosper)
44 V1x Sulok
45 V1x Surak
46 V1x Syrran
47 V1x T'Les
86 P1x T'Pol (Pre-Warp Pack)
51 V1x Tavek
53 V1x V'Tal
87 P1x Valrik
55 V1x Yuris
30 V1x Menos
32 V1x Charles Tucker III (Live Long and Prosper)
33 V1x Jonathan Archer (Live Long and Prosper)
56 V1x Ni'Var
57 V1x Sh'Raan
58 V1x Ti'Mur

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
1 V1x Kir'Shara
U1x Launch Portal
8 V1x Vulcan Tricorder
U1x Engage Shuttle Operations
6 V1x Neuropressure Massage
14 V1x The Katra of Surak
78 P1x Vulcan Database
29 V1x Combat-Ready: Tactical Reserve
47 V1x Escape Pod
29 V1x Seek Hidden Reliquary
48 V1x Crewman Soval
88 P1x D'kyr
59 V1x Vulcan Frigate

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