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What OP event do you want to host/run?

by Kenneth Tufts, Director of Organized Play

11th September 2017

Hello TDs and Players across the world.

As OP works to build up our event schedules with Masters giving us more level 3+ events to schedule, we find we need to know what various play groups would like to host.

As such, OP would like to build up a quick and dirty reference sheet for what events you are interested in hosting, at any point in the future. This list will be dynamic so you can remove yourself at any point with a simple PM, and submissions never close.

So I am asking any TDs or Players that want to run level 3+ events, (Nationals, Masters, Continentals or Worlds), to PM me, (Worf Son of Mogh), with what you're interested in hosting/running.
A suggested format might be something like this:
Name, (Board Handle):
Location: (continent, country, city)
Event level(s):
Any time of year limitations: IE not during month’s x-y due to being a frozen wasteland with airports closed, work based time off limitations etc.
Any other notes: This could include known/planned venues you have available, or other information you think would be useful for OP to know about you hosting an event.

So a quick example might look something like this:
Name: Ken Tufts, (Worf Son of Mogh).
Locations: NA, Canada, Vancouver.
Event Level: Nationals
Time: any time of year except April.
Other Notes: venue expected to be my house, or Hyperlight (Roxanne’s place), very close to Seattle groups for some fun cross border attendees.

Thank-You for your time and I hope to hear from many of you soon.

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